$19.5 Billion for building schools, but no $ for Adult Education?

LAUSD’s School Board is still considering closing Adult Education schools and slashing Early Childhood Education programs, as well as demoralizing 11,000 LAUSD employees by sending them pinkslips…BUT a new school is being built every month?

LAUSD has “the largest school construction and repair program – $19.5 billion – in the nation’s history” (source: LAschools.org)

Voters provided LAUSD with school construction bond funds to help improve our educational system. Since the bonds were approved, the School District’s needs have drastically changed, and voters are not happy with these cuts being made.

A measure needs to be put on the ballot in which funds from school construction bonds are re-directed to LAUSD’s General Fund, so that the deficit can be wiped out, instead of eliminating essential programs for our communities.

The $557 Million in proposed cuts that the School Board will vote on Tuesday represents less than 3% of the $19.5 Billion bond funds.  The entire Adult Education program represents less than 1% of the bond funds.

It would appear the following message needs to be repeated, again:
To all responsible elected officials who do not provide the leadership required
to get us out of this debacle: There will be a political price to pay!

Our SaveAdultEd Campaign is just getting warmed up, and if Adult School students, teachers, administrators and staff find themselves without any Adult Schools, then we will all have A LOT more time on our hands to organize for the next School Board elections.

The elephant in the room: $19.5 Billion LAUSD school bond fundimage via Flickr by Cody Simms

Below is more information about our school bond funds: (source: LAschools.org)

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