“Fired? No, we’re Fired up!” says Adult Ed Committee (UTLA)

via March 18 Newsletter from Adult Education Committee of UTLA:

Matthew Kogan [Chair] told adult education advocates, ‘Our persistent advocacy on behalf of our adult students cannot flag; we must keep pushing forward without waning if we want to achieve the best possible outcome by June.'”

3 thoughts on ““Fired? No, we’re Fired up!” says Adult Ed Committee (UTLA)

  1. I truly thank you for the information shared on this website. It has helped me greatly to have a better understanding of this chaotic experience. I am quite shocked to see the lack of comments and replies. Surely great conversations must be taking place elsewhere. If we don’t speak and if our students’ voices are not heard; then we are doomed. We can not allow this injustice to take place. Let’s speak with a strong and thunderous voice. A voice that cannot be silenced by the will of the board members who claim to act in the best interest of our students and yet cause a great deal of harm to them.
    In solidarity, Francisco

  2. Thanks for your comment Francisco! Please encourage students past & present with success stories to submit a short video.

    We’d like to hear how Adult Education helped them accomplish their goals & dreams! They can send the Youtube link to SaveAdultEdNOW@gmail.com

    Make sure they mention which Adult School they attended. Thanks again!

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