What Would Cesar Chavez Do? Fight for Adult Education!

Cesar Chavez muy presente at Mariachi Plaza rally in support of Adult Education on March 29!  On this, the 50th anniversary of United Farm Workers (UFW), a new organization emerges: United Adult Students (UAS). In the photo below, UAS students hold up image of Cesar Chavez in front of crowd of almost 2,000.  Images by Miguel Zavala.

Juan Noguera, teacher, activist & radio host said, “Viva Cesar Chavez! Chavez said we fight better if we have a little fear in us.”

from BeyondChron.org “Fifty years ago, Cesar Chavez dared to pursue a dream of organizing farmworkers. He had no government or foundation funds, no wealthy benefactors, and no online funding operation – all he had was the force of his personality and he and his wife’s commitment to the struggle. For all of the reversals, disappointments and challenges left unmet, Cesar Chavez created a legacy that still inspires to this day.”

Other historic figures were also cited at the Mariachi Plaza protest, including this sign quoting Malcom X:

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