5 days to respond to LAUSD’s “Accusation” Letter

Many LAUSD employees have been contacting us, saying they received an “Accusation” letter from LAUSD.  Please contact your union of your Bargaining Unit for legal advice. In the 2012 UTLA guide “A Layoff Survival Guide” on page 18 (page 24 of the PDF), the following information is stated:

(2) NOTICE OF DEFENSE. Soon after submitting your Request for Hearing form, you will receive, from the District, a form we call an “Accusation.” Don’t fear. “Accusation” is a legal term and does not suggest that you have been accused of anything. Remember:    YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO EARN OR DESERVE THE TERMINATION NOTICE!    Then fill out the Notice of Defense form and return it to the District office within 5 working days. Again, MAKE A COPY for placement in your hearing file. If you fail to file the Notice of Defense form, you will have waived your right to a hearing. DO NOT send this form to UTLA. SOURCE: www.utla.net/rifs

The “A Layoff Survival Guide” which includes the Notice of Defense form can be downloaded from UTLA’s website: www.utla.net/rifs (click here). The form is on page 21 (page 27 of the PDF)

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