More information on RIF forms due by April 5 at LAUSD (Beaudry building)

The following is from the Adult Education Committee (UTLA)’s newsletter:


Many of you have questions about what to do with the latest mail from the district regarding your layoff (RIF) Notice.

If you filed a “Request for Hearing” by March 22, your spring break was interrupted by the “Notice of Accusation” and “Notice of Hearing” forms.  While these documents are part of the “normal” RIF procedures, because no Adult Ed teacher has ever been formally “pink slipped”, it is very unsettling and many are confused about what steps to take next.

This information comes from UTLA’s RIF Department

We’ve been in consultation with the RIF Department at UTLA about how to proceed. Although it seems that non-permanent (Limited Status) teachers are not subject to this process, we’re suggesting that you participate anyway in order to protect any rights you may have.  We believe there may be extenuating circumstances for some when they start rescinding the RIF’s.  For now, here’s what you need to do:

1)  Fax “Notice of Defense” form to the district by April 5.
The fax # is: 213-241-8418.  UTLA advises using their form, not the district’s.  UTLA form here: Notice of Defense Form
2)  Fax the “Consent to Legal Representation” form to the UTLA RIF Department at (213) 487-1262 or (213) 487-1266 as soon as you can. Form here: Consent to Legal Representation
3)  If you were out of town and weren’t able to fax the “Notice of Defense” form by April 5, the RIF Department advised that you do so, as soon as possible. 

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