LA Times Letter to the Editor blasts Superintendent John Deasy on plans to eliminate Adult Education

“I’d like to hear [John Deasy] explain exactly why the district plans to eliminate the adult education program which grants high school diplomas, gives career education and teaches English to so many of the parents of children….” wrote Bessie Platt of Santa Monica in a Letter to the Editor of L.A. Times on April 11.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy was also accused of “bullying” and being “abusive” in reference to his firing a substitute teacher who carried out a lesson plan left by the regular teacher. [in another letter to the editor printed the same day.]

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2 thoughts on “LA Times Letter to the Editor blasts Superintendent John Deasy on plans to eliminate Adult Education

  1. Occupy LA supports adult ed. We are planning four winds peoples power bike/car caravans and a convergence on May 1. The East Wind is planning an education-themed rally near Roosevelt High/CAS and looking for speakers and interested participants. the South Wind will be rallying near Maxine Waters, Jefferson High/CAS, and AFOC on our way downtown. The North Wind is looking for people who want to come to the labor rally at American Reclamation on May 1 at 11:00 AM (especially from Pacoima Skills and NVOC) and then join us for a caravan down San Fernando Road to a convergence with the East Wind and Occupy San Fernando Valley near Union Station/Olvera Street. Please call if you are interested in any of these or in the West Wind, which comes across Wilshire from Ocean and Wilshire in Santa Monica all the way to macArthur Park before marching into downtown, or just joining us at the downtown convergence (6th and Main) and the immigrants right march (Olympic and Broadway) at 4:00 PM. Occupy LA will end the day May 1 with a “General Assembly” in Pershing Square. 323 901 4269 or check

  2. The fight to save Adult and Career Education marches on

    except to say that I am amazed at how many people do not know what is happening. Most K-12 teachers have no idea that LAUSD is completely eliminating Adult Education. That would be Adult and Career Education for adults. Probably because Dr. Deasy (Superintendent) is hiding the fact by saying he is funding about $15 Million. That’s $15Million out of the nearly $130Million that is needed and will be used at the High Schools only for High School students.

    Yes everyone, he and the board are still trying to smoothing things over with you the public into believing that there is not enough money and that they can’t take money away from K-12 and other child programs to fund your continuing education. The fact is that the state gave LAUSD around $200Million for Adult Ed and the district chose to take it and use it for K-12. So it is not Adult Ed needing to take money from K-12 it is the LAUSD taking what was suppose to go for your education. In addition Deasy wants you to pay a parcel tax to fund education.

    The board members are whining that they feel attacked by the public and that there is nothing they can do. Absolute nonsense! They want everyone to believe that it is Deasy’s fault, the mayor’s fault, and the governor’s fault. Well in many ways they are right, but they voted Deasy in. They can demand that he fix this problem. They won’t because they are more afraid of him, Villaraigosa and their political futures then you. Ms LaMotte is the only one that voted no to the budget eliminating Adult Ed.

    The Teachers Union (UTLA) is apparently not doing anything to help. Every suggestion that is given them is greeted with the same reply – It’s to difficult to do that or we cannot get enough support for that. The fact is they are throwing the Adult Ed teachers and students under the bus again!

    What to do?

    1) Most important thing – spread the word. Tell people what is going on.
    2) Write letters to Dr Deasy and the board members telling them how you feel about this. Let them know that their political future depends on what they do and you are the one’s to support there future.
    3) Write letters to Villaragosa the orchestrated insanity. It is he that put Deasy into his position so that he can be the hatchet man. They together with the Eli Broad academy plan on eliminating Adult Ed for adults and make you go to private, very expensive, not nearly as effective schools. When they are done there they will finish up with the privatization (Charter Schools) of the K-12 system.

    4) Let Deasy know that he is out-of-his-mind if he thinks we will vote in a parcel tax for education while at the same time he wants to eliminate our continuing education.
    5) Write the UTLA union officials and ask them to do what ever it takes to secure the future of your adult education for adults, for Career and Technical education. Email Addresses below.,,,,,,

    You are faced with taxation without representation. They want to take away choice for our children and grand children. We all had a choice to go to work, college, or Vocational Career Training after high school. They want to take that choice away from everyone. No High School graduate is well enough prepared to enter the work force with a career. We all know that after High School our children will need to get further training in a career. The community college system is not enough to handle the needs of everyone. LAUSD has been a K through Adult educational system for a hundred and fifty years.

    Please join me in fighting this oppression, inequality and social injustice. There is still time and hope to fix this problem.

    Please write them a letter and mail it, also email it and also phone them. Below is a sample letter and information on were to send it. Please use it as a template but use your own words. The letter should be very strong and pointed.

    Pace Magnum

    Sample Letter:


    Office of Board Member {Board Members Name} Los Angeles United School District
    333 S. Beaudry Ave., 24th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Dear {Board Members Name}:

    Thank you Ms. LaMotte for standing up for our rights. Thank you for your no vote at the March 13, 2012 meeting.

    For the rest of you;

    We the adults of Los Angeles understand that cuts have to be made, but we also know that there is enough money to fully fund Adult Education. We the voters and taxpayers of Los Angeles are tired of your rhetoric and personal agendas. You have betrayed our trust. We demand that you fully fund adult education and career training for us, the adults.

    I have every intention of joining the fight against you. We will recall you! We will replace you with representatives that listen to our voice. We will replace you with true public servants.

    {Your name}
    {Your address}
    {Your phone number}
    {Your email address}

    C: Dr. John Deasy
    Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte
    Mónica García
    Tamar Galatzan
    Steve Zimmer
    Bennett Kayser
    Ms. Nury Martinez
    Dr. Richard Vladovic

    Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa
    Mayor of Los Angeles
    200 N. Spring St. Rm 303
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Dear Mayor Villaraigosa:

    As our duly elected representative and our public servant we demand that you represent the best interest and wishes of the voters and taxpayer’s of Los Angeles and publicly show your support for Adult and Career Education. Dr. Deasy was your selection for LAUSD Superintendent and you influenced the board of education to vote him into his position. He is undermining the very fabric of our community and through his actions is violating the trust that we have placed in your hands when we supported you for reelection.

    As you are aware Dr. Deasy and the LAUSD Board of Education have purposed the elimination of Adult and Career Education for adults. In these most crucial economic times not one of us can afford for our education system to diminish the opportunity for adults to be trained for entry into the job market. We demand that you speak with the board members of the LAUSD and Superintendent Deasy, and in the strongest manner express your support and influence in retaining Adult and Career Education for adults.


    {Your name}
    {Your address}
    {Your phone number}
    {Your email address}
    You can contact the Mayor’s Office at
    (213) 978-0600 or
    (213) 978-0721 or
    Office of Board {Name of Board Member}
    Los Angeles United School District
    333 S. Beaudry Ave., 24th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte (District 1) Mónica García (District 2) Tamar Galatzan (District 3) Steve Zimmer (District 4) Bennett Kayser (District 5) Nury Martinez (District 6) Dr. Richard Vladovic (District 7)
    Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte¬
    Mónica García
    Tamar Galatzan
    Steve Zimmer
    Bennett Kayser
    Ms. Nury Martinez
    Dr. Richard Vladovic,– ,,,,,,
    Ms. Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte District 1 (213) 241-6382 Ms. Monica Garcia District 2 (213) 241-6180 Ms. Tamar Galatzan District 3 (213) 241-6386 Mr. Steven Zimmer District 4 (213) 241-6387 Mr. Bennett Kayser District 5 (213) 241-5555 Ms. Nury Martinez District 6 (213) 241-6388 Mr. Richard Vladovic District 7 (213) 241-6385

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