2 thoughts on “TODAY on the Westside! SaveAdultEd RALLY: 11AM-1PM at Venice H.S.

  1. I don’t think Dessy can close adult ed options. The state codes are a bit cryptic but Deasy is lawless and a liar–these codes have consistantly come through . You may need a lawyer. I can help you find one thats trustworthy. Send me a oress release and i will get it to the right peeps

    8500.  The Legislature finds and declares that adult continuing
    education is essential to the needs of society in an era of rapid
    technological, economic, and social change and that all adults in
    California are entitled to quality publicly supported continuing
    education opportunity, including the following:
       (a) The opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary
    to participate effectively in today’s economy and society.
       (b) Access to courses at the postsecondary level that are
    foundations upon which successive academic or occupational knowledge
    are dependent.
       (c) Participation in other courses designed to meet the particular
    needs of the local community.

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