Adult Ed Hero: US Congressman Brad Sherman writes 2nd Letter to LAUSD

Thank you US Congressman Sherman for your continued support in the struggle to restore Adult Education in LAUSD!

One thought on “Adult Ed Hero: US Congressman Brad Sherman writes 2nd Letter to LAUSD

  1. Thank you Congressman Sherman for supporting adult education.
    As you are well aware, adult education is a Tier 3 budget category that can – and does – have its monies swept away to feed k-12 programs. Flexibility is great, but the practice in this case casts aside hundreds of thousands of students who are getting much needed job training and educational remediation that eventually pays off with lower unemployment rates and smaller welfare rolls.
    It must be a priority to find out why LAUSD budget for K-12 is not enough to support the schools. LAUSD core function is education and that is the function being cut at every level K to adult. Of course adult students don’t agree with bigger class sizes in K-12 or layoffs of K-12 teachers either. Unplanned technology upgrades, excessive consultant fees, unsuccessful pilot projects, millions wasted in services and operating expenses. The question is where can $$$ millions in waste be cut annually from LAUSD? That should happen without sacrificing instruction, without cutting essential programs such as early childhood or adult education and without affecting any of the areas of education.

    Teachers are being laid off because of policies of testing, testing, and more testing.(based on pilot tests not with unproven results..and the policy of “turnaround” schools. Often a new charter is the result, sometimes half or all the teachers are laid off and new ones hired. Plus many beloved principals are being fired and replaced by those who were trained by billionaires like Eli Broad and encouraged by Bill Gates and the Waltons and more.

    Teachers are not being laid off because of the lack of funding. If that were true, then recruits from the TFA would not be hired to replace them at a cost of up to $5000 more per recruits. They call them corpsmen, not teachers.

    It is not honest to say that teachers are laid off because of funding. It is far far more involved than that. As students go to charter schools which often are run by private companies, they get the taxpayer money that would be going to public schools. As more charter schools are opened, more money is taken from public education.

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