Tentative Agreement reached today: UTLA President speaks to Adult Ed Teachers

UTLA President Warren Fletcher met with Adult Education teachers this evening and spoke about the “Adult Education Proviso” in the Tentative Agreement (TA) between UTLA & LAUSD.  He said the TA was reached around 3:30 PM today.

Mr. Fletcher stated that 63% of Adult Education teachers’ jobs would be saved in the union’s deal with the District, which is 830 out of the 1,309 teachers who have taught in Adult Education this year.  [Julie Carson, of UTLA Adult Ed Committee, has clarified that 177 of the 830 are ROP positions – in other words, teachers teaching CTE at high schools; which leaves 653 actual Adult Ed positions.]

The entire Tentative Agreement will restore 4,149 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions for all of the District programs including K-12, says UTLA.  In exchange:

“Employees would take from zero to 10 furlough days next year, depending on the outcome of the Governor’s education funding initiative on the November ballot. Initially, three furlough days will be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. Passage of the Governor’s initiative would unlock funds to eliminate or reduce furlough days.”  via: TA Summary from UTLA.

The percentage of Adult Education teachers’ positions saved is lower than that of K-12 teachers.  Teachers were told they could expect to see, sometime next week, Employee Numbers posted on LAUSD.net for those whose RIF notices have been rescinded.

The “Adult Education Proviso” is on page 5 of the TA, click here for the entire document.

Mr. Fletcher also confirmed the plan to consolidate the 30 existing adult schools into 10 schools.  Matthew Kogan further explained that classes may continue at the other 20 sites and at satellites/branches throughout the community, but that there would only be 10 principals for the 10 consolidated schools.

Reference was also made to the fact that LAUSD has not been following the California Ed Code regarding tenure, which most Adult Education teachers qualify for if they have taught for two uninterrupted years with more than 18 hours a week.

Many teachers lined up to ask questions of the President, and other UTLA Officers present provided answers (including negotiator & VP Betty Forrester, VP Juan Ramirez & Secretary David Lyell) as did Matthew Kogan, UTLA Adult Ed Committee Chair and Ernest Kettenring UTLA Adult Ed Director.

UTLA membership will vote on the Tentative Agreement from June 13-15. The following is from a flyer posted on UTLA’s website:

4 thoughts on “Tentative Agreement reached today: UTLA President speaks to Adult Ed Teachers

  1. The UTLA T.A. (tentative agreement) is NOT ACCEPTABLE! 63%?!! Hell NO! Would 63% Freedom of Expression be okay? Would you be willing to sacrifice 1/3 of what you prize the most? If you vote yes, are you going to tell 37% of your students they’re SCREWED because you’re tired of fighting? Do it, if you have any courage left. See what their responses are. Don’t they have a right to know what YOU’RE deciding for THEIR future? Accepting any cuts now just doesn’t make any sense. They went from zero to this TA because we have been fighting (which Warren Fletcher gushingly applauded and urged to continue). This is an effort to divide and conquer us… to get us to swallow a jagged little pill. The LAUSD, the state, the feds are all BATHING in money… yet nothing for a Human Right to education? And the notion that this is a first step to a rosy future in which programs cut now are saved later is simply willful ignorance. The whole world of education is careening in the opposite direction. All we have is principle. It’s carried us a long way. If we abandon it now, we are surely signing our own death warrant. It may be delayed for some, but look with open eyes and you’ll see it coming. To think otherwise is self-delusion. If you have a shred of respect for your students and the oh-so-worthy mission of Adult Ed, it’s your DUTY TO VOTE NO… and to get out in the streets to continue fighting.

  2. This is still not an acceptable solution. 20 adult schools closed. There “may” be classes in those locations. Many, many thousands of adult students will NOT have classes next year as a result of the RealPolitik between the district and the larger union. Of course this may inevitably diminish the astonishing effort of students, adult educative, and community supporters to save adult ed. I hope not, the coalition of support has been inspiring.

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  4. LAUSD is slaughtering adult ed to save 2-3% of the budget. UTLA is concedinf 12,000 of its members who pay about $50 per month for a total of $6 million per year. Something is fishy. UTLA has created a second class membership and ancillary programs outside of K-12 that are vital to adults are shat on under a “recession hysteria” and the Titanic movie “children first” mentality that is pervading the union. UTLA better shape up quickly and get its members full equality before a class-action attorney takes a look at this and determines that they defrauded or at least failed to meet their fiduciary duties of equal representation for ALL TEACHERS.

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