REPORT released today: More evidence of Link between Parents in ESL & PreK-12 Success

New report, out June 13, 2012, demonstrates the growing need for Adult Education. Below are excerpts of the policy brief released today by Donald J. Hernandez of Hunter College & Foundation for Child Development. Click here for full report. [Thanks to Kevin Jordan for heads up!]

“Nearly all children with immigrant parents live with parents who are learning English (95.4%).”

“Better English language skills would increase the capacity of parents both to find well-paid work and to communicate more effectively with schools and other institutions and organizations that improve the well-being and development of their children.

Particularly promising are dual-generation programs that link high-quality Pre-K-3 education for children with programs for parents to develop skills for jobs in high-demand industries.”

“The vast majority of children in immigrant families are U.S. citizens who speak English fluently, and who live in hardworking two-parent families with parents who are learning English.

However, jobs held by many immigrant parents provide no access to health insurance and pay the low wages that keep families in poverty. In addition, children with immigrant parents are, consequently, disadvantaged early on in their Pre-Kindergarten enrollment, then in their mathematics and reading proficiency, and ultimately in their chances of graduating from high school.

Since 2005 – 2006, and the more recent economic recession, most of these gaps have been growing.”

Click here for full report

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