DFTs: Don’t Take “No” for an answer; The Law, Digital Records & more…


It’s the law. If you request to see what’s in your personnel file, the local Adult School office must provide you with those documents –Even if it’s archived in storage, someone has to go get whatever records the school site has of you.

California State Education Code 44031(a) :“Every employee has the right to inspect personnel records pursuant to Section 1198.5 of the Labor Code.”

Make a request in writing. If possible make a request via email to the S.A.A. at your school site and ‘CC’ your Chapter Chair.  Many Adult School offices will be open until June 28, check with your local school site as to their schedule.  Here’s a Personnel Records Request form that you could use, from bargaining unit UTLA, or you might adapt for your purposes (CLICK HERE).


According to teachers who met with Alonzo Cienfuegos yesterday, he stated: each school site S.A.A. has access to “Filenet” also known as “Enterprise Content Management” which gives local access to digital scanned copies of 1145s and other documents going back at least 3 years. This means that the S.A.A. can simply print out these scanned versions for you, or even email them to you.

If you request records that go back before the Filenet program began, S.A.A.’s will need to provide access to hard copies of what is in your file…even if it’s archived in storage.

The following are tips for DFTs from the Adult Education Committee of UTLA (CLICK HERE to download entire PDF):

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