LAUSD Board proposes to “Assess & Address” Adult Education –but, excludes key stakeholders?

A resolution posted yesterday in the Agenda for 6-28-12 LAUSD Board Meeting (pp. 9-10) proposes “LAUSD working with its partners through the Los Angeles Workforce Systems Collaborative and assess the needs, resources, priorities, and opportunities to leverage the current systems for adult learners in the Los Angeles region.”

Oddly, none of the partners listed include key Adult Education stakeholders from the SaveAdultEd movement, such as United Adult Students, nor does it mention teacher groups such as Adult Education Committee of UTLA.

The resolution proposes to “develop a plan of action that engages current systems in addressing the short and long-term needs of adult learners in the region and will report its recommendations to the Board within 90 days.”

Los Angeles Workforce Systems Collaborative was created in 2007, according to a United Way of Greater Los Angeles website.  It is unclear what this Collaborative has accomplished over the past five years since it began.  However, in the last five years, during which time Monica Garcia has also served as LAUSD Board President, there has been a cut of approximately 75% of the teachers that work in LAUSD’s Adult Ed program, according to information provided by the Adult Education Committee of UTLA.

Ms. Garcia, who earlier this week attempted to take credit for saving Adult Education in LAUSD, is one of the Board Members proposing the resolution.  She is also up for re-election as Board President at the Annual Board Meeting, on July 2, 2012.

One thought on “LAUSD Board proposes to “Assess & Address” Adult Education –but, excludes key stakeholders?

  1. Reading the composition of the Workforce System Collaborative (WSC), many of which were contributors to Philip Anschutz, Eli Broad, and Mayor Villaraigosa’s Coalition for School Reform, is frightening to anyone who labored to save Adult Education in the face of Superintendent Deasy and President García’s attacks on it.

    WSC doesn’t even attempt hide that it’s the Chamber of Commerce, assorted well heeled developers, opportunistic politicians, and other class enemies of the students attending DACE. This pretty much explains why the community, students, families, and all the other REAL stakeholders are being excluded from this discussion, since they might have input that doesn’t include them being exploited by the members of the WSC.

    To be sure WSC members view DACE as a way to avoid training their own employees, so any decisions made for DACE won’t be from a point of providing education, but saving big business more money.

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