LAUSD to vote Thursday on Final Budget (2012-13)

Tomorrow, June 28, the LA School Board will vote on the Final Budget for 2012-13.  Click here for the PDF of the Final Budget 2012-2013.  There is a proposed $84.2 million reduction planned for Adult Education programs (including ROC), see below:

Under the section title “Structure and Number of Schools” it is indicated that there will be 24 Community Adult Schools for 2012-13:

A list of 10 “mandated classes” are listed for the Adult Ed program:

In this Appendix, a breakdown of staffing norms are given for Adult Schools:

5 thoughts on “LAUSD to vote Thursday on Final Budget (2012-13)

      • We were told of 10 service centers for Adult Ed, not areas. We also gave our students that information on a flyer, Im in the East LA area and East LA Occupational Center was supposed to be the center for that area….but 24 is better than 10.

  1. East LA Occupational center is the center that serves that area. Com’on, even Ed Morris and Cortines knows that. Duh Smh!

  2. There are not going to be 24 Adult Schools (by the way, you missed counting the 5 Occupational Centers on the list and the 4 Skills Centers). There will be 10 “service centers”, with multiple satellite locations. Much of this descriptive information looks “old” –like all the ADA stuff and the “mandated programs”. The mandated programs doesn’t mean they have to offer all those subjects. I believe it just means those are the program areas that Adult Ed can serve and get reimbursement (ADA) for (which we don’t do anymore). I know everyone’s looking for info, but I don’t think this reflects anything of value. I could be wrong.

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