LAUSD to “Assess & Address” Adult Ed without key stakeholders input

Yesterday the LAUSD school board adopted a resolution to “assess and address” Adult Education in LAUSD within 90 days.  The resolution states it will work with eight partners in the “L.A. Workforce Systems Collaborative”, none of which include direct representation of key stakeholders such as United Adult Students or even Adult Ed teachers or staff.  Click here for our article on June 23.

The eight partners are:

  1. City of Los Angeles,
  2. Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce,
  3. Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation,
  4. Employment Development Department,
  5. Los Angeles Community College District,
  6. City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board,
  7. the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board, and
  8. the County Federation of Labor

The resolution was proposed by Board Members Monica Garcia, Steve Zimmer and Nury Martinez.  Prior to adopting the resolution at the LAUSD Board of Ed’s “Annual Meeting” on July 2, Monica Garcia was elected by Steve Zimmer, Nury Martinez & Tamar Galatzan and herself to serve a 6th term as Board President.

3 thoughts on “LAUSD to “Assess & Address” Adult Ed without key stakeholders input

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on this. I think we should quickly act to have adult ed teacher and student input included via the County Fed.

  2. Maybe these three stooges need a refresher course in rhetoric and Principals of Democracy. The fact that. Garcia was voted in by way of a political favor to Galatzan is fairly disgusting but predictable. However, to let these people dominate the narrative about the fate of adult education public education is lunacy. I am beginning to see that our last hope is Adult Education as here are students who are also adults who arev also in the rare position to see what an education means to one’s life and our culture. Unlike many children and parents they can articulate first hand why they dropped out, what made them drop back in and how classes restored their hope.
    Teachers are no longer respected in large part because of the wanton propaganda machine that the philanthropists have at their whim. But between the betrayal of UTLA sell outs and bought & sold politicians, never mind their general complacency and cowardice, the force that is primary and secondary teachers are subject to reprisals if they dare speak out. While they could be mighty if united by something besides Unemployed Teachers of LA as it shall soon be called, this city’s educators fail to see their days are numbered no matter what unless we thwart the impending intellectual holocaust.
    At this writing, LAUSD has already recruited the first of many large cohorts of TFA interns who will train 6 weeks for the summer and replace teachers who were harassed out of positions, fired wrongfully as UTLA. Shrugged like an Atlas. The RiFs hope to be returned by August, they are far more in size than we are being told. Some of those whom hang by a thread have been inserted as subs, which means they do the same job but have no sick leave, no paid holidays and can be fired at will. This also compromises the income of career subs who have earned higher wages and limited benefits for doing what is a very difficult job indeed. Close to 1000 teachers have been fired in the last year, many for no real reason except they blew the whistle, angered admin or have a case pending against LAUSD which refuses to pay workman’s comp in the most obvious claims for mercy after and accident or violence on campus. Many are retiring or rushed into it as the cleansing peaks into a frenzy with the budget crisis. Those interns will work to getbloan forgiveness a few years then go on to lucrative careers in private sectors . They will not need benefits, pensions or pay scales. The profit margin is the bottom line,
    . It is win win for the district which Garcia knows has hidden around 2 billion dollars while it cries poor and she condones Deasy’s shameless attempts to extort more money. Pay more taxes or your kid will never attend another art or music class again! Donate money for the tv station or we will make sure every kid who loses his way stays lost or feeds the prison machine–that’s right, no GED , dental hygiene programs, not one vocational option , do you hear? No, seniors citizens will never be afforded painting classes or learn how to use a PC unless they hire tutors. Magnet schools? You must be joking. Of course you paid for all this and then some but we need more more more!

    Adult Education, we are begging you and I am behind you, please do not stop, not even if they say, “okay, you’re funded!” They lie. Garcia is notorious for breaking her word and Deasy is lawless. Stay together. Bind us tight. Show the rest of us how it is done. be unrelenting, uncompromising, a force to be reckoned with. And maybe just maybe the teachers of LAUSd will say, whoa! I hardly knew these guys existed but look at them. They are making a difference and saving tookus I have seen your people outside LAUSd. I have protested beside them . Intelligent, Passionate , Viable .inspired and Inspiring.. They understand what most of my colleagues and students don’t :
    We are so much less without each other.

  3. Los Angeles Workforce Systems Collaborative (Collaborative) is to study and decide about the adult education programs?
    “The Los Angeles County Regional Workforce Development System comprises
    business, civic, education, workforce development and philanthropic leaders
    committed to leveraging the collective and individual assets of these systemic
    partners to create pathways to high demand, high growth industries, and sustainable
    careers to ensure the economic competitiveness of the Los Angeles region.”
    Los Angeles Workforce Funder Collaborative sounds suspicious for our favorite philanthrocapitalist, or perhaps we should try the United Way.

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