One thought on ““LAUSD is not thinking long-term with closure of Adult Schools”

  1. It takes a minute to make a bad decision and destroy a school that took around 70 years to build. Multiply that for 20 and imagine the effect in the schools, teachers and staff, current and future students. You can see a lot of devastation.

    In the meantime, we see at work the abuse of technology and money wasted in pet projects. If only those who donate to our schools weren’t the ones setting the rules it would be great.
    Check on this one for example:
    Microsoft supremo Bill Gates wants to fit school students with mood bracelets to measure how interested they are in their lessons. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is spending $1.1 million (£700,000) testing galvanic skin response bracelets to see if they can measure whether students find their teachers engaging.

    Bill Gates spends $1.1 million fitting students with mood bracelets to see if their teachers are boring.
    Read more:

    And check the kind of money he is counting on to sell his International common core standards to the entire world:

    Warren Buffett Donates $1.52 Billion To Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

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