The following is from the UTLA Adult Ed Committee’s email newsletter blast:

Here’s what we know from UTLA’s July 23 meeting with DACE:

Re-employed (Previously Tenured, District identified DFTs (“De Facto Tenure”), CTE)

1. Employee numbers of virtually all teachers being initially offered positions have been posted on the LAUSD RIF Rescission website; however, it is our understanding that some 10-20 employee numbers remain to be posted (excluding ROP).

2. RIF Rescissions (employee numbers) posted: General Adult Ed: 572; CTE: 236 3. HR has already begun sending out letters to those identified for re-employment. The letter will tell you which of the 10 school centers you are assigned to, but it

will not contain the specific details of your assignment. 4. These letters will request that the teacher report to his/her assigned school on July

31, August 1 or August 2 between 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. to receive the offer of employment and complete the required paperwork (i.e., Offer of employment, 1145, etc.).

5. The teacher will have 3 options in regards to his/her assignment: a) accept; b) reject; or c) accept part of the assignment.

6. Hours that teachers reject will go to other teachers on the list.

District identified DFT’s without an assignment

1. DACE has identified a number of individuals who have met the criteria of Permanent status, but for whom there is no assignment due to budgetary limitations.

2. We believe these teachers will also get a letter detailing their status. 3. These individuals will be offered assignments as they become available. 4. The hours that teachers in the Re-employed category (above) do not accept will

go to these DFT’d teachers. Therefore, it’s important that re-employed teachers complete their offer of employment in a timely manner – those hours not accepted by a re-employed teacher will go to the next qualified teacher on the list.

Limited Status Teachers

1. It is our understanding that teachers not initially assigned will also receive a letter to that effect.

2. UTLA is working with LAUSD to establish a procedure by which these teachers will be maintained on a hiring list.

3. UTLA has represented to DACE that there should be no new hires in DACE until these experienced and qualified teachers receive assignments.

“Unidentified” DFT’s

1. Those who believe they have achieved Permanent status but haven’t been identified as such by LAUSD will need to file a Status Audit Request form. 2. The purpose of this form is to request your status be audited and so you can

document why you believe you have Permanent status. 3. We are suggesting that you attach documentation that verifies your claim. 4. IMPORTANT! The Status Audit Request form is not ready yet. DACE is still


What criteria was used for determining DFT status?

• Due to DACE misdeeds of the past, it is our understanding that the District has taken responsibility for determining what constitutes DFT status, specifically the LAUSD Office of General Counsel (OGC).

• UTLA expected to have the specific criteria used to determine DFT status by this point; however, LAUSD Human Resources (HR) is apparently working under the direction of the OGC and has not made it available to UTLA yet.

• Clearly this is unacceptable; therefore UTLA has made a formal request through the UTLA officers to the District. We will pursue this until we have it.

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