over 80,000 views on SaveAdultEd.org!

Many thanks to all our supporters and allies!  We surpassed 80,000 views, as of earlier this month!  Even in the summer, we’re going strong! Thanks again to all our readers and feel free to give us feedback as comments.

2 thoughts on “over 80,000 views on SaveAdultEd.org!

  1. People around the country and around the world have found this site. Why? The answer is simple. They have been given similar options. Terms like Education Reform, Parents empowerment, skills for the 21st century, global competitiveness are everywhere. The takeover of our schools is something sad and totally wrong. Imagine you call a plumber for a minor repair and he ends up tearing down the entire house and doing a very poor job. Most of the schools closing are very successful schools that took several years to build. Their programs were polished over the years. They were models in the nation. There is a reason why they were 30 and not 10, They were built based on the need.

    This is taken from the European Association for the Education of Adults.

    Can you tell whose quote is this? “Life is not fair; get used to it.”

  2. Did anyone said Education Reform? What can possibly be on it for Uncle Bill? Common Core just means distributing ONE product across the nation and overseas, even in countries that have always being recognized for high standards in education. Now all at the sudden they discovered they are not ready for the 21st century. And what about higher education?
    Here is just a sample of universities in South America fighting against privatization.

    A recent sue to LAUSD on teacher testing was made by one of Uncle Bill’s non-profits. That seems to be common practice.

    “A recent commentary in Education Week takes a fresh look at the Gates Foundation’s philanthropy. The money it spends on all kinds of projects around the world is no small chunk of change–$26 billion since its inception in 1994 has been donated to help developing countries and the United Nations fund world health goals.

    Unfortunately, some of the chosen projects appear to clash with the Foundation’s underlying goals, such as its partnership with the biotech giant Monsanto. Besides questionable partnerships, the foundation and Gates himself also have personal investments in some of the projects they fund.”

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