Unanswered questions in abundance…

In today’s Adult Education Committee (UTLA) email blast, unanswered questions abound regarding the District’s decision making process, including:

  • Can teachers sub beyond August 31 to maintain their health benefits?  Some teachers who have not been re-hired have received a letter from the District stating that they are on a 39 month re-hire list with a form enclosed to fill out to be processed as a sub. However, not all laid off teachers have received this letter.
  • What happens to teachers who refuse part of their assignment?  For example: in the case of what appear to be arbitrary relocations to distant locations.
  • What is the appeal process for those who believe they should be De Facto Tenured (DFT) teachers?  What were the specific parameters used to establish who got “DFT’d” and who didn’t?
  • There are a few teachers left on the District’s rehire list – maybe they have been DFT’d, but have no assignment…What does it mean? Here’s the link to the District’s site:  LAUSD HR Online Self Review of Rehire List Placement


3 thoughts on “Unanswered questions in abundance…

  1. It means they will keep listing new deflective lies and act with lawless indolence until we demand otherwise. No more Mister Nice Guys, we have to demantle abd deconstruct his beast to preserve the progress of humanity. LAUSD is an insult to our forefathers and the eork of heroes like MLk.

  2. Never have I seen so many teachers walking around disoriented, confused, waiting up to an hour to be given assignments…shame on LAUSD for not doing us better….

  3. I can’t believe how UTLA was fooled by DACE. When I read the tentative agreement and saw that LAUSD was going to put Adult Ed Teachers hours on pace with k12 teachers hours, that encouraged me to vote Yes. Now, many teachers who have been tenured at FTE are being given hours short of that….What was all that full time tenure track jobs for DFT. AEUTLA should file a grievance against the district. I am not te only voice, there are many other tenure and DFT who are really upset. There are many teachers who demand a more proactive leadership from UTLA.

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