Denied DFT? Appeal your “De Jure Tenure” status…

Here is a form that was created by the Adult Education Committee (UTLA) in an effort to provide a way for DFT teachers denied permanent status to appeal what is now being referred to as “De Jure Tenure”.

Please help spread the word.  To download, click here or on the image.  Below is the explanation from AOEC:

“…if you think you met the criteria for Permanent Status, but have been denied, you need to make a claim to the district in writing – even if you already called or emailed or had a sit-down with HR and they told you ‘no way,’ do it anyway.”

2 thoughts on “Denied DFT? Appeal your “De Jure Tenure” status…

  1. Adult Ed. teachers who were repeatedly placed on these so-called “temporary” contracts by DACE, please submit your paperwork. It is vital that you read Section 44919 (a) of the California State Education Code. The repeated use of these “temporary” contracts, SEMESTER AFTER SEMESTER AND YEAR AFTER YEAR AT THE SAME SCHOOL, is a crystal clear violation of Section 44919 (a).

  2. I have been rehired, but I dont know if I am permanent. I have called HR several times, they don’t call me back. How will one know if he or she is permanent? Will we receive anything in writing? My administrators know nothing, although they say im permanent , but knowing LAUSD I dont yet believe it…..

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