The “Sleeping Giant” has been awakened!

Adult Education programs have been wiped out in over 50 school districts in California alone, and now the School Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District has voted to eliminate all funding for Adult Education in LAUSD.

Our students need Adult Education classes:

The elimination of Adult Education would cut off hundreds of thousands of students from pathways to better jobs, prevent immigrant parents from learning English so they can help their K-12 kids succeed in school, and block high school dropouts/pushouts from getting their GED/High School diplomas.

Outraged teachers, students and their allies throughout the community are organizing to pressure the School Board to reverse course.  What can you do?

  1. Attend a Town Hall. Check our main page for upcoming events!
  2. Call (323) 929-2529  We will connect you directly to your School Board member who represents your school.  A tally of the calls will be posted here, so check back often. Download the flyer for ADULT SCHOOLS.  Download the flyer for Occupational/Skill Centers OCCUPATIONAL/SKILL Centers. (Flyers are in English/Spanish). Ask everyone you know to call!
  3. Send in pictures of Adult Education students and Supporters with signs showing your support to SaveAdultEdNOW@gmail.com  If you don’t have any printed signs, have students make their own signs as to why Adult Education is important to them.

Got a question or comment? Please CONTACT US here.  Thank you for your support!

photo credit for image of Father Gregory Boyle used for Town Hall header on main page is via Vivanista1 as shown on Wikipedia, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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