1. Find the name of your Neighborhood Council: North Valley (click here); South Valley (click here); West (click here); Central (click here); South (click here); Harbor (click here); East (click here). Then click on the link next to your Neighborhood Council to get the contact info. Email everyone on the list, or call them up. You can also find contact info here.
  2. Contact leadership on your Neighborhood Council or City and asked that they put Adult Education on the Agenda for the next meeting. Here’s a sample fact sheet you can provide as a sample presentation (click here). Write up a motion (see resolutions below) in support of Adult Education to be presented before the Neighborhood Council or City Council.  Here’s a example (click here).
  3. ——> FAX copy of Resolution (on letter head) to: (323) 844-0110 or EMAIL to

RESOLUTION PASSES in CITY of LOS ANGELES:  [click here for VIDEO] L.A. City Council unanimously passed the resolution 15-0 that was sponsored by Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Ed P. Reyes.  Mayor Villaraigosa must decide by June 11 whether he’ll sign it or not.


1 thought on “RESOLUTIONS

  1. As a Mt Washington resident I am asking the my neighborhood council members to pass a resolution in support of Adult Education. Adult Ed is one of LAUSD’s most effective programs, as proven by the 300,000 plus students attending English,Parenting and Basic Education classes. Students attend classes both in the daytime and evenings to increase parenting skills and to become more marketable in the workplace. To eliminate Adult Ed is not a wise financial or social decision, since the benefits of the program to the community far out weigh the costs. Let’s not make an expedient decision to cut this program, that we will all surely live to regret.

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