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1 thought on “CONTACT US

  1. There should be a march this March before the meeting at LAUSD. Every Adult School in LAUSD begins their march from their school and ends up at Beaudry before the meeting starts. Some, who are closer can leave later. Those that are further can leave as early as they need to. Citizens from all over the city as well as students and teachers will march through the streets of LA respecting all traffic lights etc…and making it their by 1pm. The helicopter shot on the news would be awesome. As different pockets of people march through the city to bring media attention to the matter. All lights and cameras will be on the board. Now that is pressure. These little rallies at the different schools feel pointless. Especially when the media doesn’t even show up to the protests. People become disillusioned when their efforts go unheard. Walking to Downtown will bring the media out of the woods. That’s what we want. Media coverage and political pressure so Adult ed is not cut.

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