LETTERS OF SUPPORT:  Do you personally know any leaders of organizations, elected officials, or business owners?  Ask them to write a letter of support. Once you get a letter: please FAX a copy to: (323) 844-0110. We’ll post it below –Thanks!

  1. Get out your rolodex or contacts list and request that they write letters in support of LAUSD’s Adult Education Program. Show them the L.A. Times article and/or the Front Page article by La Opinion.  See this Background Facts-Why the Education of Adults Matters and more stats/facts about Adult Education here:
  2. Address letters to: LAUSD Board of Education President Monica Garcia, 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 24th Floor  Los Angeles, CA 90017
  3. —> FAX signed copy of Letter of Support (on letter head) to: (323) 844-0110

LETTERS OF SUPPORT received so far, include some of the following:

  • US Congressman Brad Sherman has written a letter in support of Adult Education in LAUSD, “…Any action to eliminate vital adult education programs will only compound the short-term and long-term pain for the district.”  SECOND LETTER from Congressman Sherman (May 10, 2012).
  • US Congresswoman Janice Hahn. March 2, 2012. “I understand that Adult Education is vitally important to the future of our country and our economy.  That is why I strongly support funding for education, including Adult Education.  Please rest assured that I will keep your views in mind as Congress moves forward with this important issue.”
  • US Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard. Letter of Support of Adult Eduction in LAUSD. March 12, 2012. “The countless letters I have received demonstrate the critical need being met by these programs…Their argument for sustaining adult programming is indisputable: the skills they gain will undoubtedly lead to higher paying jobs and contribute to the growth of our economy.”
  • US Congressman Xavier Becerra. April 11, 2012. “Thank you for contacting me concerning Adult Education…Research has shown that better educated citizens participate in greater numbers in civic activities, rely less on social services, and have better employment opportunities and increased income.”
  • National Coalition for Literacy. February 29, 2012. Letter of support. NCL is a coalition of 28 foremost national and regional organizations dedicated to advancing adult education, family literacy, and English language acquisition in the United States.
  • Tom Torlarkson, California Superintendent of Public Instruction. February 10, 2012 “The benefits of a strong and dynamic adult education program are a priceless asset for all the districts that have built and supported it over the 155 years of its existence….Once a program such as this is dismantled, the extensive infrastructure and work that has gone into building this program cannot be readily recovered.”
  • Dean Vogel, President, California Teachers Association (CTA). June 7, 2012. “The Adult Education program and the dedicated teachers who make it function, must be maintained….I urge you in the strongest possible terms not to eliminate the LAUSD Adult & Career Education Division.”
  • California Senator, Ed Hernandez, O.D. May 11, 2012. “…I believe that the wholesale elimination of Adult Education Programs is detrimental to the students and their families in our communities, and I hope you will consider alternative solutions to address the projected budget shortfalls….”
  • California Senator, Ted W. Lieu. April 12, 2012 “I am deeply concerned about the proposal to eliminate or drastically reduce numerous programs including adult education. Such cuts, if implemented, would have a harmful effect on students, families and our economy.”
  • California Senator Curren D. Price, Jr. Letter of Support. “As a former community college instructor, I know how important the adult education program is to students who seek to learn new skills and access the job market in order to seek gainful employment….A complete eradication of this vital educational program will cause great harm to students in my district….I believe education is a civil right….I respectfully urge you to reconsider….”
  • California Senator Kevin De Leon. Letter of support of Adult Education. March 8, 2012
  • California Senator Fran Pavley Letter in support of Adult Education. March 8, 2012.
  • California Assemblyman Mike Eng. Letter regarding AB 189 to CA Superintendent Torlarkson. Feb. 8, 2012.
  • Councilmember Jan Perry, City of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles. February 3, 2012 Presented LA City Council resolution in Support of Adult Education [resolution is currently in Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee]
  • Councilmember Ed P. Reyes, City of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles. February 3, 2012. Seconded LA City Council resolution in Support of Adult Education [resolution is currently in Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee]
  • Councilmember Richard Alarcon, City of Los Angeles. February 7, 2012. “The members of the Board of Education need to know that we are opposed to these cuts”
  • Councilmember Dennis P. Zine, City of Los Angeles. February 9, 2012. “These highly successful [Adult and Career Education] programs have provided basic education and career training services to tens of thousands in the San Fernando Valley over the years and it would truly be a tragedy if these services were eliminated.”
  • Councilmember Paul Koretz, City of Los Angeles. February 3, 2012. “As a fellow elected official, I am writing to ask that you please, very carefully, consider any possible ways to maintain funding for Adult Education programs.  Adult Education provides under-employed adults the continued opportunity to pursue educational and career training, allowing them to contribute to economic recovery….”
  • Councilmember Jose Huizar, City of Los Angeles March 12, 2012. “I respectfully request that the LAUSD re-evaluate the proposed closures of Adult Education Centers.”
  • City Controller Wendy Greuel, City of Los Angeles. February 10, 2012. “…At a time when job training is crucial to our economic recovery, a cut to [Adult Education] services would set our region back further….I have seen first-hand the extraordinary value that adult education provide for those who have developmental disabilities.”
  • Mayor John J. Duran, West Hollywood. “About one third of our West Hollywood residents emigrated from the Soviet Union and as such, they are in need of an ESL program to communicate well; in turn, their new ability to speak English has been beneficial to the community as they are able to take on jobs in the local economy.”
  • Warren Fletcher, President, United Teachers Los Angeles. February 10, 2012. “I want you to know that UTLA is fighting on many levels to preserve these critical programs….Cutting off educational and career training opportunities for adults will directly compromise the performance of the children whose lives are inextricably intertwined with the communities in which they live.”
  • Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ), submitted to LAUSD Board Members & Sup’t, “LAUSD must reverse itself on this issue. Adult education is a star within the District that must continue to shine. Please fully fund Adult Education”
  • Public Education & Social Justice Advocacy Los Angeles, February 7, 2012 “Our communities are in dire need of more of what Adult Education provides, we cannot afford to lose a program so many rely on.” Signed by Yoon Jung Lee, Chair, Adult Education & Immigrant Policies; Rober D. Skeels, Senior Researcher & Volunteer DIrector
  • Dr. William Johnston, Former LAUSD Superintendent 1971-1981: “I am dismayed, disappointed, disturbed by your recommendation to terminate the Adult Education Program!”
  • Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) “…DACE provides critically needed basic education and career training for the community at large, and its closing would be particularly devastating to poor ethnic minority and immigrant families….The elimination of DACE will make our current economic challenges even worse for all. Rejecting the Superintendent’s plan and NOT approving the closing of DACE would be the right thing to do.” [signed by Exec. Dir. Stewart Kwoh & Dir. of Leadership Devp’t. Marvin H. Andrade]
  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) Letter of Support Feb. 10, 2012. signed by Angelica Salas, Executive Director
  • Californians Together: Championing the Success of English Learners. Feb 9, 2012, signed by Michael Matsuda, President.
  • The Association of Raza Educators, Los Angeles chapter, “[ARE-LA] stands for fully funded decolonial public education. Therefore, we oppose the proposed LAUSD School Board cuts to adult education, which is a direct attack on our working class Black and Brown communities that rely on these services for educational advancement.”
  • LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. Feb. 8, 2012. Page 1; Page 2. “I am writing on behalf of the more than 600 businesses and thousands of employees they represent in the LAX Coastal area to urge you to save LAUSD Adult Education and Regional Occupational programs.

4 thoughts on “LETTERS OF SUPPORT

  1. So many kids and adults education will be taken away if adult schools are closed down. This gives us an opportunity to learn the material from teachers who work late at night or by some adults that didn’t have this chance growing up. I really hope and wish that we can stop this!

  2. To whom it may concern Mar 03 /2012

    please help to keep adult schools open in Los Angeles.There are many individuals benefiting from adult schools. We are improving our lives and hoping to give back to community with our learned skills.

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