**CALL** (323) 929-2529 <—DOWNLOAD FLYER


Call (323) 929-2529 and we will connect you to the LAUSD Board Member who represent your school & community.  We are focusing on specific elected officials, and will be updating our phone system to redirect calls accordingly.

Download/Distribute flyers showing 3 easy steps for calling: CLICK HERE for FLYER – bilingual – for Adult Schools & Occupational/Skill Centers

2 thoughts on “**CALL** (323) 929-2529 <—DOWNLOAD FLYER

  1. Do you have a downloadable file of the phone campaign flyer? (The landscape format one with the big phone numbers (323) 929-2529 across the top & dialing instructions (1) (2) (-) to call the school board.)

    • Hi John, yes, it’s on the main page of saveadulted.org and now also on the the page “2. CALL (323) 929-2529”. You can download the one for Adult Schools, or also the Occupational/Skills center flyer.

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