5 thoughts on “—> FEBRUARY 9 RALLY <— download flyer

  1. We have changed the rally date from February 14 to FEBRUARY 9, THURSDAY. We will have a presence at the Feb. 14 meeting, but there will be many competing messages on that day. So we are having a separate Adult Ed rally on Thursday, Feb. 9 instead. – Julie Carson

    • Should we bring homemade signs?
      Students will want to participate–is there parking?
      We”ve been told that the board meeting on the budget may be delayed.
      What do we know about this possible delay? Thanks!

      • Yes! Homemade signs are the best! Nothing confirmed about a delay in the budget vote. We keep keeping on with our plans. There is a rally flyer on our Adult Ed Committee website with driving directions and public transport directions: http://www.aeutla.net
        Nothing is organized re parking — there is a large parking lot a couple blocks from Beaudry at Beaudry and 6th – its 5.50 to park there. Maybe others have ideas or suggestions.

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