12 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. Gov. Brown, please do not cut Adult Education. Our communities depend on Adult Public Education it is food for the mind and provides a steping stone to advance the lives of people who want to better themselves.

    • these budget cuts needs to be stopped NOW! Contact your LAUSD representitives and tell them to GET THERE MONEY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE! WE NEED EDUCATION FOR ADULTS!

  2. Please don’t cut Adult Education. We parents need education to help our children’s education.
    DON’T DISCRIMINATE US because we can’t speak English well!! We want to help ourselves to help our kids. DON’T STOP GIVING US CHANCE to work and study hard to better our lives..

  3. Hey guys!!! Follow North Valley Occupational Center’s student body on twitter @AlexandraDiGr8!! let’ go viral and get the attention of the Governor! It’s time the entire educational system comes together as one.

  4. Thank you for posting our pics here. I’m really appreciate it!!

    A lots of studens of Metro Skills Center yelled for a better future at the government.
    We need to support Adult ED!! Parents need adult education!!
    We pay taxes too!! There is no such thing as a free education!! For many years now, thise school taxes have been merged in our general taxes, and so have become nearly invisible.
    Don’t cut adult education!!

  5. The children are the future, The parents are the present. !DON’T STOP THEIR DREAMS !


  6. To everyone who wants to help Adult Education come to Pacoima Skills Center (13570 Van Nuys Pacoima CA 91331) on Tuesday 13 at 9:15 a.m we will have a Rally at the school, Please wear on red and support us.

      • Please try to get you and your students down to the big Rally the LAUSD headquarters at 1:00pm the more people doing the same thing at the same time will make a greater impact. Also if you do come please have all of the CTE students wear their uniforms of the job they are going to school for, that also makes a greater impact. Speaks to the Jobs!

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